Denver has periods of drought in the community, and many times there are "No Watering" laws that we have to abide by. The xeriscape guidelines allow you to have a beautiful yard with minimum water usage. By using low-water grasses and low-water consumption plants and trees we can provide you with quality, light-maintenance designs that will endure years of punishing Colorado weather patterns.

Xeriscaping is a large focus for us at All Proscape LLC in Denver, Colorado. The word is a combination of two Greek words, “xeros” which means “dry” and “scape,” which means “view” in simpler terms. It is the philosophy that encourages the use of native and well-adapted, drought-resistant plants to reduce the amount of water usage in maintaining plants. Xeriscape’s principles also encourage amending the soil, mulching, and appropriate maintenance practices. This is a very logical and smart way to incorporate a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape into the environment!

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  • Carefully Designed Landscape Design
  • Consider Landscape Budget, Appearance, Function, Maintenance
  • Implement Design Gradually


  • Add Organic Matter to Soil of Shrub and Flowerbed Areas
  • Increase Soil's Ability to Absorb and Store Water
  • Consult Regarding Tree & Turfgrass Areas


  • Select Trees, Shrubs, and Groundcovers That Work with Soil & Climate
  • Incorporate Native Plants That Adapt to the Region
  • Create Beautiful, Interesting Landscaping While Conserving Water